Jun Fan Gung Fu

Jun Fan Gung Fu was one of the developing stages of Si Jo Bruce Lee's personal expression of combat. Jun Fan Gung Fu is a system of combat and is the foundation (what some people call "Original J.K.D.") of what later become known as Jeet Kune Do.

Jun Fan Gung Fu And Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do is truly the expression of Si Jo Bruce LeeJeet Kune Do’s literal translation is Intercepting Fist Way or The Way of the Intercepting Fist, which means simply to intercept our opponent’s movement. This could be done during the motion of attack or better yet before the start of the motion and can be done in a Physical, Emotional or spiritual level. Si Jo Lee’s way was unlimited, not restricted or tied to any one way of knowing. He was not bound by tradition, country, race, religion, or style, in his thinking and researching. By not being bound by any of these normal tendencies his energy was free to research and express what was the totality of himself. This is Jeet Kune Do.

Because of SI Jo Lee’s research he attempted to free his contemporaries in the field of martial arts. And as time has proven he was correct in his approach for self-discovery and improvement, for we can see his ideas and ideals have been put to use in many different approaches to the martial arts. But the very nature of this philosophical approach to a physical endeavor can be confusing as can be seen in ongoing debates that progress in various articles. Si Fu Dan Inosanto attempted to remedy this confusion by stating and teaching that Jun Fan Gung Fu wasBruce Lee’s methods and progressions to the ultimate goal of finding the truth in combat and life, thusly finding and becoming Jeet Kune Do. He further stated and showed that to truly be Jeet Kune Do one cannot be bound by any way or tradition and that by doing so would not be Jeet Kune Do. Thusly one must continue to research and grow, to find the source of our ignorance, and to once again be free to self-express.

Si Fu Keith Wetoskey