A Special Tribute to Sifu Larry Hartsell

Training with Sifu Larry Hartsell

Training with Sifu Larry Hartsell

As most of you know Sifu Larry Hartsell passed away Aug. 20th. 2007. This has been a very hard time for myself, my wife, and all of us that loved this man and his training. It has been such an enjoyable experience and honor learning the Jun Fan/ Jeet Kune Do arts from Sifu Hartsell. It has been such a privilege and opportunity to have been able to work with, be a student, and friend to such a man!

Through the years I have had so much fun being with and being taught from this great man! I had the great opportunity to have started with Sifu back around 1983 and 1984. I can remember the first time I worked with Sifu Hartsell and Guro Inosanto. I was so blown away with everything they had to give me. I remember struggling with the boxing mechanics and locks. Sifu Hartsell was always friendly and helpful, and always more than willing to show how the techniques worked!!! (HA,HA). 

As the years went by Sifu was not only my teacher, but a friend as well. Sifu invited me out to stay with him, so I could afford to train with him and Guro Inosanto in California. He was the first instructor I was able to bring to my small school in Waterloo Indiana for a seminar. Some of the first testing done in the Jun Fan/ J.K.D. Grappling Association was done here in Waterloo. Sifu even proposed to Simo Debra in my den. I remember what an honor it was to attend his wedding in Charlotte N.C. Simo and Sifu Hartsell even gave us the keys to thier home so my family and I could come out and train in L.A. Vicki came out to add some pain into his recovery when Sifu had his hip surgery. Debra and Larry became so much more than friends, they were family! It was such an honor and so much fun learning from this great man! It is still difficult for me to talk about this loss. Every time I put the gloves on I think about training and learning from Sifu Hartsell, and how I will not be able to punch at, and hug my friend! May his name live on in the students that his life touched!

Sifu Keith Wetoskey